AirSnap Helps You Take Beautiful Group Selfies By Pairing Two iOS Devices


How many times have you stepped out of the group to click pictures, feeling left out as others posed? Or have there been instances when you’re jostling to get back for a group picture after setting the timer of a camera shutter? While there is Samsung NX Mini, which comes with an LCD screen that flips 180 degrees for taking selfies, it still requires users to make adjustments in the frame. Ditto for camera-fitted mobile phones that need a lot of work in getting that perfect selfie.

Group selfies are mainstream now, and that’s despite all the theories linking selfies with head lice. As TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook wrote last month, selfies aren’t a passing trend.

GlobalDelight, an iOS app developer based in the Indian coastal town of Udupi, is today going live with an upgrade of its Camera Plus app, loaded with a new feature called 

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