Ferrari 458 Italia Review, Al’s Take (GRADE: A)

Mind Over Motor

Ferrari 458 Front Angle

At the end of the morning after the Fourth of July, the mercury was slamming 112 degrees outside of Las Vegas, and it was nice and somewhat cool inside the tent with all the exotic cars I’d been driving.  After prepping myself with a drive in a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, I had one car left.  Thanks to the heat, the F430 Scuderia I’d wanted had gotten sunburned and whimpered back to its lair, but the newer 458 Italia in the tent was just tanning in the searing sun, ready for me to drive it.  Of course I obliged, and found out what’s possible with a 562bhp V8 stuffed a few inches behind the back of my ears, other than making me nearly go deaf.

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