Samsung Gear 2 Will Cost $295, Gear Fit Will Be $197 When They Go On Sale In April


Samsung has released some pricing information on its Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatch devices, and the news should be welcome considering they’re both priced cheaper than the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch: The Gear 2 will be $295, and the Gear Fit will be $197 when they go on sale in April, Samsung revealed at an official announcement in Taiwan.

The announcement, reported by Sammobile and other outlets, is in keeping with rumored pricing for the devices, and puts them in the same ballpark as other similar devices like the Pebble smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2. The Fit’s lower pricing is likely due to the smaller screen, more limited functionality and lack of an onboard camera, and the camera-less Gear 2 Neo is likely going to fall somewhere between the two in terms of pricing accordingly.

Samsung’s original Galaxy Gear is currently being sold off at bargain basement prices…

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