SmartMio Offers Athletes Wearable Muscle Stimulation Controlled By Your Smartphone


Athletic wearable devices are not anything new, but a new product launching today on Indiegogo has a different take from the myriad activity trackers out there: The SmartMio connected sports muscle stimulator is designed to bring so-called electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to enthusiast and professional athletes in a small, convenient and smartphone powered package.

The SmartMio consists of two electrodes which you can stick to your skin above the muscle group you want to work out, and a pod that houses the Bluetooth and electronic brains for the system. It’s built by Smartmissimo, a startup based out of Singapore that is focused on building wearable health and medical devices, founded by Alex Pisarev and Filip Almakov. Using a database of workout data, the SmartMio can be used to enhance workouts by delivering small doses of electrical stimulation to the muscle groups being targeted, in addition to the exercise a user…

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