Sony’s Advantage


Oculus didn’t invent virtual reality — but they sure as hell made people care about it again.

As of this week, however, they no longer stand alone in their arena. Sony has decided they want to play the VR game too — and they’ve got at least one huge, not-so-obvious advantage.

Before we dive in, I must admit: I’m naturally inclined to root for Oculus here. If we’re considering this some sort of “battle”, Oculus is now something of an underdog. They took the initiative to move into a market that had become something of a joke/sci-fi pipedream in the decades prior, and managed to convince titans of industry to have their back. They’re doing something incredible. But even as a self-admitted fanboy, I’m real enough to see the faults.

Now, Oculus has a lot of things going for themselves. As the team largely responsible for the gaming world’s…

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