Tappy Fit Channels Flappy Bird Addiction Into Fitness Motivation Using Fitbit Data


A new game out now on the App Store features mechanics virtually identical to those found in viral hit Flappy Bird, but with a key twist – the game can be made easier through sheer physical effort. Using the Fitbit API, developer Aaron Coleman built-in a variable difficulty engine that allows you to redeem steps counted during a day in exchange for in-game rewards, like wider gaps between the pipes you have to navigate your bird avatar through.

Besides being yet another in a sea of Flappy Bird clones, Tappy Fit is also an interesting take on what developers can do with the new fitness APIs being made available to them by companies like Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone and more. And specifically in the realm of gaming, there’s a lot of potential for future integrations.

Coleman says Flappy Bird was a target not just because of its high profile…

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