Turkey’s censorship of Twitter also happens to be the best advertisement of Twitter’s power


Somewhere in a dingy basement in Brooklyn or a trailer park in Central Idaho, a conspiracy theorist is probably cooking up the idea that Twitter (s twtr) is in cahoots with the Turkish government. Why? Because the prime minister of Turkey’s decision to try and ban Twitter has to qualify as one of the biggest marketing bonanzas for the service — particularly in Europe — since Oprah showed people how to tweet.

As sociologist Zeynep Tufekci — who also happens to be Turkish — noted in a post on Medium about the ban (which was implemented at some point on Thursday night), blocking access to the social-media platform only increased the Turkish citizenry’s desire to use the service. And so they did, sending traffic soaring and putting terms like #TurkeyBansTwitter at the top of the trending list.

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